Vaccines and Autism

Based on my 40+ years of providing psychological treatment and behavioral support to children with Autism spectrum disorder diagnoses, the following is the most accurate, thorough and compassionate presentation of the “vaccine-autism” link that I have ever seen. Thanks and best wishes for getting this message out as widely as possible. It is unconscionable to

Recommended responses for Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Network for Behavior Change is the first organization in Pennsylvania to transition successfully from being a “Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services” provider to a provider of “Intensive Behavioral Health Services” (IBHS). We have been providing intensive, individualized mental health treatment and behavioral support to children in their homes, schools and communities since 1996 and grew

The Proposed IBHS Regulations have been released. Comments have been submitted.

The proposed IBHS (Intensive Behavioral Health Services) regulations have been released for public comment.  IBHS is intended to replace the existing Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) regulations that have existed for the past 20 years or so.  In the BHRS system, licensed psychologists were permitted to deliver services after enrolling in the Pennsylvania Medicaid program