How to Secure EPSDT Funding for a Child’s Mental Health Treatment

Watch this video to learn more about “How to secure EPSDT funding” for a child’s mental health treatment.

This is the most complete presentation I’ve ever given about EPSDT funding of Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS, mistakenly called “wraparound” services in Pennsylvania).  This model allows a single licensed mental health practitioner to oversee a group of professional mental health treatment providers who deliver behavior support and other mental health treatment services to children in their homes, schools and communities.  Medicaid funds this treatment in all fifties states under the EPSDT mandate that has existed since 1967, and which was made mandatory in all fifty states by the Federal government in 1989.  In thirty-six states, any child who has a mental illness is eligible to receive this funding regardless of family income.  This is truly “the greatest treatment funding secret ever concealed.”

More information about EPSDT and the BHRS treatment model I created is available at or or

Thanks for your interest in this effort to help children get the mental health treatment and behavioral support they need.



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