Speaking 7/13/13 at Autism Society of America annual conference in Pittsburgh

Here is the text from the Conference Program describing what I’ll be talking about.  I’m looking forward to showing people “how big the BHRS funding box really is” and helping them learn how to pry it open.  This link may be helpful: Medicaid-eligible children have enforceable rights to obtain EPSDT services

(2) Funding Autism Treatment Using Medicaid Funds In Pennsylvania

Description: Learn about Federal and State laws regarding EPSDT funding in Pennsylvania that control access to funding for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS, often misleadingly called “wraparound services” in Pennsylvania). Access to EPSDT funding for BHRS is a Civil Right for children with disabilities but formidable barriers to it have been created and maintained. Learn how to overcome obstacles to EPSDT funding, regardless of family income and private insurance status.

Range of Life Span:  All Ages

Target Audience:  Parents/Family Members, Self Advocates