Newest Presentations About EPSDT, BHRS and Improving Children’s Mental Health

I was invited to present a program about EPSDT, BHRS and the Civil Rights of children with disabilities at the 25th Anniversary Meeting of the National Federation of Families in Washington, DC on November 21st.  I created a two-hour video that explains the EPSDT mandate, describes how I and my staff deliver “Effective Treatment in a Wrap-around Cup” by combining BHRS with Wrap-around principles, why it is necessary to file a Civil Rights complaint when access to EPSDT funding is thwarted by insurance companies, county and state governments, and how to file such complaints.  Click here to watch the latest, most complete video about EPSDT, BHRS and Defending the Civil Rights of Children with Disabilities.

Also in November, I was invited to present a program about EPSDT funding (“The greatest treatment funding secret ever concealed”) at the Early Childhood Education Summit for the second time.  This is the most thorough presentation about the EPSDT mandate and its connection to BHRS (Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services) that I have ever produced. Watch the video here.

I was invited by Dr. Dennis Embry to speak at the first national meeting of the PAXIS Institute on October 22, 2014 at their meeting in Dayton, Ohio.  The presentation showed how the PAX “Good Behavior Game” and other “Evidence Based Kernels” could be provided in homes and schools via EPSDT funding to deliver effective prevention and mental health treatment programs for children.  Watch the video here.

The investigation by the Office for Civil Rights into my complaint about obstructions of access to EPSDT funding for children who have well-documented needs for mental health treatment in Pennsylvania is continuing.  It was filed in December of 2012 so it has been under investigation for two full years.  I’m told that these investigations can take “up to a couple of years” so a decision is due within the next 12 months, hopefully.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has been in contact with me as well, and is involved in their own investigation of the extent to which access to EPSDT funding is being impeded in Pennsylvania.  A video clip from a presentation I gave in October showcases the problem when an audience member corroborates and expands upon my explanation of the problem.  Watch video here to learn about the most potent strategy being used to impede access to EPSDT funding in Pennsylvania, controlling who is permitted to do the evaluations necessary for the prescription of BHRS.  It is most alarming.


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