The Medical Review, a New Show Hosted by William Shatner, Retreats from Autism Controversy

Of the approximately $217 million dollars that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) invested in autism research in 2010 (the most recent year for which data is available), only a meager 2.45% went towards improving the quality of services and supports available to Autistic people and their families.  Only 1.5% went towards research that addresses the needs of Autistic adults.

When compared to research on questions of causation, etiology and biology and diagnosis, the percentage of the autism research agenda focused on the actual needs of Autistic people in order to improve their quality of life is miniscule.

It was initially planned that this new television series would help to raise awareness that Autism symptoms can be treated successfully, and that Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS, still unaccountably referred to in Pennsylvania as “wraparound services”) are unquestionably “the treatment of choice” for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms.  When “applied behavior analysis” principles are incorporated into BHRS treatment plans for children, and the treatment process is infused with the “wraparound” philosophy, Effective Treatment in a Wraparound Cup® results.

I developed that treatment model twenty years ago and have been refining and improving it ever since.  It works and it is on hundred percent funded by Medicaid.  In thirty-six states, it’s available regardless of family income.  It’s “the greatest treatment funding secret ever concealed.”  You can learn where and how to ask for it by contacting me.  A visit to the website is a good place to start.

Unfortunately, the producers of the show have apparently changed their minds.  There is no mention of Autism on their website and they are not returning calls (after expressing a high level of interest in the treatment of Autism that I described to them when they spoke with me a few months ago).  So much for “cutting edge television.”



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