Latest Research on BHRS effectiveness published

The Institute for Behavior Change (IBC) is pleased to announce the publication of the first in a series of five research articles investigating the effectiveness of the model of BHRS developed by IBC Founder and Executive Director Steve Kossor which is called BHRS in a Wraparound Cup ®

The article is available here.


A 10 Minute Strategy Session is now available on YouTube

I just finished editing a 10 minute “Strategy Session” that I presented at the annual meeting of the PA Head Start Association to explain some of the tactics I’ve encountered in Fair Hearings and other venues with insurance company representatives in their attempts to deny EPSDT funding to children who desperately need it in order to have a reasonable probability of mental illness symptom reduction.  Please let me know if you find it useful; hopefully it will prompt other “licensed practitioners of the healing arts” (medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists) in Pennsylvania and elsewhere to explore how they could add EPSDT funded mental health treatment for children to their practices.  It remains “the greatest treatment funding secret ever concealed” but hopefully not for too much longer.  Check it out:

The PA Department of Human Services is about to release a “Parent Handbook” about Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS, still mistakenly called “wraparound” services here, for reasons that defy explanation).  I offered to review it before publication so that important information wouldn’t be overlooked or omitted.  No such luck.  The authorities said I could look at it only after it was finished.  So much for trying to lend a hand so that embarrassing errors and oversights could be corrected before publication.  Honestly, with the widespread lack of understanding about EPSDT, Medicaid and BHRS that persists throughout Pennsylvania, the expectation that a group of four parents will know all of the hidden truths about BHRS and EPSDT to “write a book about it” is utterly preposterous, so it will be interesting to see how much the DHS Parent’s Guide to BHRS will actually help parents to obtain benefits that have been so conscientiously concealed from them for so long.