How to Get EPSDT Funding and Keep it

Here is a two-page paper describing the process of obtaining Medicaid funding of Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) in the United States and how to keep it.  The Office for Civil Rights can be accessed when insurance companies, service providers, or State and County authorities interfere with access to treatment funding under the EPSDT mandate of the Medicaid Act, but first to you have to get it.

This paper describes how to get EPSDT funding for BHRS treatment.  The model described in this paper can be implemented anywhere in the United States.  It can also be implemented anywhere in the world under a variety of funding options.

This paper explains how parents can gain access to “The Greatest Treatment Funding Secret Ever Concealed” in the United States and keep the funding flowing from the day their child is born until their child reaches the age of 21, or until the child’s treatment program is finished successfully, whichever occurs sooner.  StepsToSecureEPSDTfundingForEffectiveTreatmentInAWraparoundCupForChildren.pdf

Please share this information with anyone who may benefit from it. Best wishes always.



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