URGENT! Comments Needed on Proposed Medicaid Policy Changes That Will Hurt Millions of People

The rate of comment submissions regarding proposed Medicaid changes (2390-P) has increased seventy-five percent but there are still just 23 comments posted. By this point in the comment period for a previous CMS proposed rule change, there had been over 500.  This new set of rule changes is flying way, WAY below the radar, unfortunately, and millions of people are going to suffer because of it.

One esteemed Pennsylvania advocacy organization representative lamented to me “Steve, the thing is just too big — it’s over 200 pages in the Federal Register”). How could 200 pages be considered “too heavy to lift” by an advocacy organization? Here’s just one example of what is at stake; this is an excellent example of the kinds of comments that will expose awful changes that will go into effect Nationwide unless they are reformed – via the Comment process:

“This is absolutely unacceptable. I can’t believe this revision calls for “making recipients pay if they lose an appeal”. You are talking about poor people, most of whom are disabled and you want THEM to pay if they lose an appeal? This is how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I almost thought it was a joke when I heard this. Is this an attempt to stop all grievance filings? There is a point where the people need to realize that the government is no longer working for the people. This “revision” will hinder access to quality medical care for the disabled. How low can we go here? I am absolutely stunned by this and I hope that our system is not this far gone. We are a wealthy nation, how does it look when corporate subsidies are given out like candy and the disabled are left to beg for medical care. Just remember how this great nation was founded. The American people are growing weary of your antics.” (Thanks, Sarah)

Here is a link to the CMS-2390-P proposed rule changes.  You can see the 8 comments I’ve uploaded there so far  here.


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