Stanley Mrozowski Leaves the PA Children’s Bureau

The following statement was issued by the RCPA organization that has worked closely with Mrozowski for several years.  It does not offer any explanation as to why “the decision has been made to make a change” at OMHSAS that included Mrozowski’s departure from the PA Children’s Bureau which developed into the central planning and implementation point for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) throughout Pennsylvania under Mrozowski’s leadership.

On Friday September 18, Stan Mrozowski informed RCPA staff and others that he had relinquished his position as Director of the Children’s Bureau at the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS). Dr. Mrozowski noted that “there have been discussions recently in the Department of Human Services about the role of the Bureau and the decision has been made to make a change.”

In his farewell message, Stan noted that “I leave with immense satisfaction about the many accomplishments over the past 12 years during which I have been the Director of the Children’s Bureau. I have very few regrets – mostly only that we did not do even more to help children and families in the Commonwealth. I also leave with appreciation for having worked with so many fine people who truly care about youth and families. I will truly miss the friendship and the collegiality that has made the work so rewarding.” RCPA will follow up with OMHSAS leadership to explore and report on any other changes that are planned for their management of children’s behavioral health services in the future.

Hopefully, desperately needed improvements in the BHRS system will now move forward.  These include streamlining the BHRS provider enrollment process to expedite the admission of qualified BHRS practitioners, establishing a standard of responsiveness to provider inquiries especially to appeals for State Medicaid/BHRS policy clarification, and the issuance of a final version of the “BHRS Draft Bulletin” that has been languishing in perpetual draft form since March of 2013.



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