Has a New Era of openness & responsiveness dawned at Pennsylvania DHS?

I had a very productive meeting today with several members of the PA Department of Human Services regarding plans to transition from BHRS (wraparound) services to “Intensive Behavioral Health Services” (IBHS) over the next year or so. I was reassured that the new license that will be required for BHRS providers to become eligible providers of IBHS will be accessible to BHRS providers that currently deliver services in compliance with all existing standards, so my organizations should be able to become licensed as IBHS providers without any doubt. Continued affiliation with existing Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations should also not be a problem, but that remains to be seen (although I’m optimistic).
It appears that DHS may be in the process of becoming more accessible and responsive, following several decades of maintaining a decidedly “different” attitude. Hopefully, the shape of things to come will continue to be positive. At least I’ve finally been allowed to receive and review the draft IBHS regulations, and have been invited to submit comments and recommendations directly to DHS authorities.