In Defense of Kind, Compassionate Behavioral Treatment Professionals

I sincerely wish that every child with Autism symptoms could receive the biological treatments that could heal them, without any delay, and that they all would respond as quickly as we all wish they would, without side-effects and lingering disabilities. For those who can’t achieve these wonderful goals as fast as we all wish they would, behavioral treatment delivered by kind, compassionate professionals can mean the difference between life and death for children who behave dangerously.  Those treatment providers can enhance the life of every child they encounter and more parents should know how to identify and seek them.  I wish there were more of them, and fewer of the “others” who don’t warrant a friendly embrace. 

To indiscriminately run away from behavioral treatment providers, as some ersatz “Autism Advocates” have been recommending lately, is a tragic mistake.  More information about what it takes to be a kind, compassionate behavioral treatment professional is available at

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