The “Coarsening” of America Continues, What Can We Do?

I’ve been watching the “coarsening” of America for the past forty years. For example: grammar school kids assigned to read books with bloody horrific content including a wolf pack’s attacking and eating a deer “held down by the nose and steaming out the rear” while being eaten alive is actually a line in the award-winning children’s book. There can only be one outcome for the pervasive immersion in themes of violence and wanton loss of life that playing video games has brought to hundreds of thousands of youngsters for decades, not to mention the influence of premature sexualization and the union of sexuality and aggression in media far and wide. Our election of a reality show personality to the office of the Presidency is only another symptom of how far we’ve fallen. The bottom is coming up fast, I’m afraid, despite all of the hard work that good people are doing as we are plummeting. 

My conclusion is that the best we can do is try to give wings to as many children as we can on the way down, so that they’ll have a chance to slow their descent and avert a hard landing.


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