Recommended responses for Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Network for Behavior Change is the first organization in Pennsylvania to transition successfully from being a “Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services” provider to a provider of “Intensive Behavioral Health Services” (IBHS). We have been providing intensive, individualized mental health treatment and behavioral support to children in their homes, schools and communities since 1996 and grew to become the largest private practice of psychology in Pennsylvania serving children exclusively via Medicaid funding. As an “IBHS agency” licensed by the PA Department of Human Services, we continue to provide vigorous advocacy services for our clients. We developed a summary of recommended responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and have distributed it to the Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations (BH-MCOs) that we work with directly in the Southeastern region of Pennsylvania. I thought that this information may be helpful to organizations and individuals elsewhere as they strive to respond therapeutically to challenges facing the physical and mental health of people throughout the world. Click here to download/read this information.

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