Where we’ve been and where we could be going….

I am writing to acknowledge the pain and anguish that we have been experiencing over the blatant cruelty and insufferable arrogance that has been displayed recently by members of the law enforcement community and elected officials throughout the US.  As a long-time defender of the rights of children to receive skillful, compassionate and humane treatment, the displays of wanton aggression by armed adults fueled by racial hatred is disgusting and shameful, inexcusable behavior.  As such, it must be documented carefully with cameras and other media so that the perpetrators can face justice when saner, more thoughtful minds occupy positions of power and are able to hold them to account.  We are in the midst of realizing how damaged we are as a people – that we can separate so easily “us” from “them” because we’ve been told and shown how to do it, and that it’s necessary, for generations.  I hope that all of you are safe, that the families we’ve been trying to help are safe, and that we can come together as a more unified community soon.  We should strengthen our resolve to live and work together to the best of our ability now and in the future, and be ready when the time comes to denounce and replace anyone in power who was working to pull us apart.  With hope and courage, we’ll get through this, and we’ll be wiser and stronger. 

Best wishes always!


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