Seeking Truth in Social Media?

We are living in a world where lies and distortions have become absolutely indistinguishable from truthful or helpful information. This is the legacy of social media. So it was unnerving to learn this week that yet another person with exceptional wealth, intelligence and prodigious mental gifts (but lacking in the ability to understand and relate to human beings and their emotions), wants to run a social media enterprise. Reverence for the truth (in an abstract, absolute sense) may be the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe and producing successful products and services. However, when that reverence exists without sensitivity to (and reverence for) the condition of being human and promoting coexistence (rather than “a wider dissemination of ideas, as long as they’re not illegal”), some really destructive consequences await the human “consumers” of those social media services, especially the younger ones. It stunts their growth. #socialmedia #growth #aspergers #intelligence

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