Critical Thinking

A friend who understands how far the US education system has traveled away from teaching critical thinking skills sent this to me and I thought it should be distributed far and wide. It is the antidote to propaganda and demagoguery masquerading as leadership.

Seeking Truth in Social Media?

We are living in a world where lies and distortions have become absolutely indistinguishable from truthful or helpful information. This is the legacy of social media. So it was unnerving to learn this week that yet another person with exceptional wealth, intelligence and prodigious mental gifts (but lacking in the ability to understand and relate

Navigating HIPAA and FERPA ethically and efficiently

This short presentation covers some of the most important things about the HIPAA regulations that govern medical treatment information (Personal Health Information) and FERPA regulations that govern education records. It’s important to understand both sets of regulations if you’re working with children to avoid potentially costly and inappropriate disclosures of information that is supposed to

Vaccines and Autism

Based on my 40+ years of providing psychological treatment and behavioral support to children with Autism spectrum disorder diagnoses, the following is the most accurate, thorough and compassionate presentation of the “vaccine-autism” link that I have ever seen. Thanks and best wishes for getting this message out as widely as possible. It is unconscionable to

Recommended responses for Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Network for Behavior Change is the first organization in Pennsylvania to transition successfully from being a “Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services” provider to a provider of “Intensive Behavioral Health Services” (IBHS). We have been providing intensive, individualized mental health treatment and behavioral support to children in their homes, schools and communities since 1996 and grew